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It's not just the gear listed here that makes up Shimamoto Sound. All of this equipment is housed in a unique audio environment that has been acoustically and ergonomically designed for the sole purpose of making music and the people working here are passionate about just that- the music.

Guitars - Guitar Amps - Keyboards - Samplers - Drum Machines - Drum Kits

Preamps/Mixers - Microphones - Dynamics Processors - Monitors - Recorders

Shimamoto Sound is 100% wired with top quality Monster Cable.


'73 Fender Stratocaster
'95 Gibson Les Paul Studio
50's Harmony Acoustic
'84 Fender American Stratocaster
'93 Fender American Stratocaster
90's Epiphone Dot Hollow Body
90's Takamine Acoustic
'94 Fender P-Bass
90's Epiphone Hollow Body Bass


'73 Fender Champ (tube, original)
'71 Ampeg VT-40 (tube, original)
90's Fender Princeton 112+
70's Acoustic Bass Stack
80's KMD Bass Amp


Korg Prophecy
Roland JV-1080 (4 exp. cards)
Yamaha TX-802
Roland SH-09 (analog)
Oberheim Matrix 6 (analog)
Roland MKS-70 (analog)
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Kurzweil PC-88
Roland MSQ-100
(2) Kawasaki Keyboards (modified)
Yamaha PSS-130
Sony Short Wave Radio
TI Speak & Spell (modified)
TI Touch & Tell (modified)


Akai MPC-2000 Studio Plus
Akai S2000 Studio Plus
Akai S01


Roland TR-909
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-606 (analog)
Roland TR-505
(2) Simmons SDS-8 (analog)
Casio LD-80 (modified)
Zoom RT-123


(3) Joe Meek Compressors
(2) DBX 163X
Lexicon Vortex
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Alesis Midiverb II
Ibanez PT-5 multieffect
Boss PS-5 pitchshifter
Boss MT-2 distortion
Dunlop Cry Baby Guitar Wah
Dunlop Cry Baby Bass Wah
DOD FX-65 chorus
Big Muff


'74 Slingerland Drum Kit
Custom Built Electronic Kit
Matador Bongos
Various Hand Percussion
(we also have access to a variety of other
vintage Gretsch, Slingerland, and Ludwig kits)


(2) Neve 1272
(2) Western Electric Preamps (40's, tube)
Altec 1567a (5 ch, tube)
Joe Meek VC1Q
(2) Joe Meek VC3
Allen & Heath Console
Sans Amp Bass Driver
Old Numark DM-1900
24-bit Apogee Converters


Neumann TLM-103
CAD E-300
RCA 44
Sennheiser MD-421
(2) Rode NT-5 (matched pair)
AKG C-1000
(4) R.S. PZM Mics
(4) Shure SM-57
(2) Shure SM-58
(2) Vintage Astatic Mics
(2) Phillips Stereo Mics
(2) Shure 12A
Calrad 400
EV D054
EV Slimair
plus a whole assortment of other odd mics (CB, podium, toy, etc...)


Tannoy Reveals w/ PS 110-B Subwoofer
Truth B2031s
HA 4600
(4) Sony MDR-7506
Beyerdynamics DT-150
PA System


Custom Digital Audio Workstation (w/ 24bit APOGEE Converters)

  • huge selection of software & plugins
  • unlimited tracks

    Laptop Mobile Recording Workstation
  • high quality recording anywhere

    '73 Ampex AG440B (pristine reel-to-reel, originally owned by early electronic music pioneer Bulent Arel.)

    Tascam 44OB (reel-to-reel)

    Fostex E-22 (reel-to-reel)

    plus a variety of lo-fi recorders for effect

    Any other equipment you desire can be made available upon request.

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